francescogheri (2)“Creating the best from the best to
satisfy an audience that likes to
stand out with style”

The brand was founded in 2012 by Francesco Gheri, a dream kept in a drawer for many years by the owner Francesco. Son of florentine leather trader, his desire is to stand out in the leather sector through italian creativity and sophistication of its products.

After working for some years in the family business and deepened his knowledge in modeling, Francesco currently designs, produces and signs all his creations. This is achieved through continuous, complete range of materials and accessories, who personally selects, overlooking the leather goods market with courage and determination, promoting a style that favors quality.

This creations, all entirely produced in Italy, are made with quality materials, from italian tanneries and are characterized by the undisputed professionalism of italian craftsmanship to ensure the unique unmistakable style.